Scandinavian Paradise – 3 of the best things to do in fjord Norway

Marc and I recently embarked on a 5 day road trip in Norway. 

If you’ve ever researched Norway, you will no doubt know that it is one of the most beautiful, picture-esque places on this planet. 

It is the home of stunning fjords and mountain ranges which easily become every landscape photographers dream-come-true (*cough* including marc *cough*). 

Although the entire trip was utterly breathtaking, there were a few things that stood out for me. Here is what I consider the top 3 things to do in fjord Norway.

Flydalsjuvet View Point in Geiranger Fjord

This was by far one of the most incredible vantage points I have ever been to. Even though the day we visited the weather was not that ideal (as majority of the fjord was actually submerged in cloud-cover), it was still amazing to see the vast scale of the fjord in comparison to the (seemingly-tiny!) village below. 

Our choice of accommodation in Geiranger was also the best we had on the trip. While I’m sure there are absolutely incredible hotels that you can stay in for a five-star price, this did not fit into our student budget. But for incredible scenery and a price that doesn’t make your wallet too sad, Fjorden Campinghytter was absolutely perfect. These cabins were clean and had absolutely everything you could ask for – including high speed wifi.


Just a short detour inland from the usual tourist-roads sits Lovatnet. This near-perfectly still lake acts as a mirror to the glacier that sits above it. Practically crystal-clear blue water runs through the lake, a by-product of the ice melting from the glacier. 

While we didn’t stay here, it was clearly an extremely popular camping spot for families and the like. It was the perfect balance of tranquility and family activities – with abundant opportunities for hiking, biking, and swimming. 

We had lunch here on Marc’s birthday and needless to say it was beautiful! 


This serpent-like mountain road is one of the most popular spots in fjord Norway – and for good reason! The view from the top of the state-of-the-art viewpoint installed at the top of the road in unlike anything I had seen before.

I suspect that this spot would be very crowded throughout the day but we were really lucky as we had the whole place to ourselves. We visited on the last day of our roadtrip, before we went back to Denmark, meaning that we had to leave our accommodation at 5.00am to visit in time. We didn’t catch the sunrise (as in Summer this goes up at around 4.00am!) but it was breathtaking to see the road while it had no other cars on it.

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