Are we in the 90s again? Fashion in Copenhagen

Since arriving in Copenhagen I have noticed  a stark difference in the fashion sense from the local gold coasters I’m used to. It actually seems as though we’ve gone back in time here – somewhere between the 80s and 90s where there was a denim and floral shirt take over.

What is most surprising? Is that the boys seem to take a bit more care in their fashion choices than the girls! The biggest giveaway is the perfectly quaffed hair compared to the standard ‘messy but cute’ bun the girls are rocking.

I wasn’t completely sold on the outfits at the beginning, but I suppose you get accustomed to what you see to everyday. I’ve even started to incorporate some of the common elements into my own wardrobe… but with most of it staying true to my personal style.

These are some of the best danish style items I’ve noticed which I would happily incorporate into my everyday life.


1. The loafer

I was not a fan of loafers to begin with. The obsession emerged just before I left Australia, and I thought for sure that this was going to be a whirlwind trend that would disappear just as quickly as it came. After all… aren’t loafers shoes that are warn by old men and not twenty-something girls?

But I came around to the idea eventually, especially when I saw how the danish girls styled them so eloquently. Paired with a nice pair of tailored black or tartan pants and a stylish bag, these look wonderful. Definitely a favourite of mine now! The pair pictured below were purchased from H&M for 250DKK ($50 AUD) and I have had so many compliments on them already!

2. The tailored pant

As mentioned above, tailored pants are everywhere here. I used to think that this was only an item you would rock 9-5pm on weekdays in an office environment. But not in Copenhagen.

Tailored pants are part of the everyday wardrobe here and it looks fantastic. It is an easy and affordable way to add a sense of class to an outfit, plus it looks super neat. Do yourself a favour and go to H&M now to grab a pair!


3. The three-quarter length overcoat

Being a vertically challenged individual, I never paid much attention to longer coats as I thought they would just make me look even shorter. Lately I’ve been very pleased to discover that this isn’t the case. In fact, if anything I think it elongates my super super super short legs.

An even bigger bonus? The coat can look somewhat like a super-powered cape in the wind while riding your bike (or maybe that’s just a fantasy that I have :P). The coat pictured below was purchased from Zara for 450DKK ($90 AUD).

4. Sneakers

Sneakers here are HUGELY popular. I think that is partially attributed to the multitude of cute sneakers available nowadays, but mostly because sneakers are suuuuuper practical for a city where the favoured mode of transportation is biking.

Although incredibly saturated on the streets, my personal favourite are the adidas superstars. The pair of superstars that I have are very comfortable and also pair perfectly with most outfits (low-key couldn’t resist getting the gold plate on the top!)

5. The quilted/chain bag

It’s no surprise that the most popular form of handbag here is the across-the-body bag. This makes it so easy to walk around the city with your hands free and the usually small sizes mean that they fit perfectly into bike baskets.

My dream bag is the Chanel quilted boy bag (one day!!) and I have seen a lot of them sported around Copenhagen. But even if the brand doesn’t say Chanel, there are a lot of quilted + chain bags available for a fraction of the price. You’ll still get the look but your wallet won’t hurt so much!


6. The Summer-Wrap dress

Summer is something that is highly celebrated in Denmark. I guess that’s because the alternative is the Danish winter, which consists of sub-zero degree temperatures and a mere 6 hours of daylight per day.

BUT on the bright side, it means that the simple summer dress is embraced here whenever it can be! A favourite that I have seen on the streets is the simple summer wrap dress. It’s an extremely flattering shape and it is very girlie. What’s not to love?!


What do you think? Will you be incorporating some of these items into your own wardrobe?

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