Gold Coast, Australia: Things I miss about home

It’s no secret that I am really enjoying my time in Denmark so far. There are so many things about the danish culture that suit my personality and favourite pass-times.

For example – the concept of hygge! I was known as the ‘nana’ in my friendship group at home (shout-out to JOB for this timely nickname). My idea of a perfect Saturday night on the Gold Coast would consist of a quick trip to sushi train to devour some salmon avcodao roll, followed by a 6.30pm session at the movie theatre (with a bag of my favourite sweets) and then be in bed by no later than 10pm. This was in stark contrast to most other 22 year olds who would be keen to hit the glitter strip on a night out.

But even though I am enjoying experiencing something new, there are things that I miss about home. Here is a little list of a few things I think make the Gold Coast so special.

1. the Beaches

This might be a rather obvious choice, but our beaches are world famous for a reason. There aren’t many places where you can find a coastal line that runs for kilometres un-interrupted with soft sand under foot.

In fact, our beaches were so good that even Hawaii had to steal a bit – importing our sand onto the beloved Waikiki beach.

My favourite part? The incredible sunrises that you can see each and every morning. As Marc said the other day, even the best sunset that we’ve seen here in Denmark probably equated to a mediocre sunrise on the Gold Coast. Just have a look for yourself!


2. the Hinterland

The Gold Coast not only has one of the most gorgeous coastal lines, but also a wildlife abundant hinterland a mere 30 minutes away from Surfers Paradise.

Scenic hikes and raging waterfalls are right at your fingertips. At the right time of day its every landscape photographer’s dream.


3. the laid-back attitude

Living in Copenhagen is the first time I’ve lived in a bustling city. It is great that everything is so convenient and plenty of events happening all the time. I also love the quaint architecture and history that surrounds.

On the other hand, the Gold Coast is a relatively new city, and being situated right next to the ocean means that there is a bit more of a relaxing vibe.

People don’t tend to be in as much of a hurry to get places, and there is a laid back attitude that can’t be mimicked in a city environment.


4. the people

There are wonderful people here in Denmark, but how could I not miss the amazing people I left behind too! Again, probably a little biased, but I love my family and friends in Aus and already can’t wait to see them again 🙂


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