A great café for kaffe: Union Kitchen, Copenhagen

They say that all Australians are coffee snobs. I had always just assumed that this was because most American coffee is made out of a filter or a large pot and not brewed to perfection like in most Aussie cafés, and I most certainly never would have labelled myself as a coffee snob.

But now having lived outside of Australia for 2 whole months I think I definitely fit into that category. For some reason, and I honestly don’t know why, there is nothing quite like an Australian coffee! And as a result, since arriving I have been searching and searching and searching for a coffee that is anywhere near as good as we used to have back home.

I almost didn’t think that it would be possible until last Sunday when Marc and I discovered the Union Kitchen right in the centre of Copenhagen. Although very centrally located, this rustic but chic café is a hidden gem, located down a side street right next to the infamous Nyhavn. I don’t think I would have ever even walked down this street had I not done some prior research on instagram, which means that this place is packed with locals and away from the tourist-traps that flood Nyhavn.

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The coffee was DELICUIOUS! Plus if you order a cappuccino (which is always my drink of choice) you will even get a bonus bit of cheering up, or maybe even a little sass… just check out the stensil art with the cocoa on top!

Pro-tip: be ready to maybe wait for a table if you just arrive on any given day. If you’re really keen on going at a particular time, perhaps even ring ahead and make a booking. We were just lucky that a table happened to open up as we came along!

Pro-tip #2: Go hungry! We also had some of the food while we were there and it was so so so good, and pretty healthy I must say.

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