Tips to show your friends around Copenhagen in just 24 hours

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First of all, I need to say sorry for the short hiatus from posting new content. I recently went on a holiday to Paris and Spain! So I decided to spend less time on the computer and more time enjoying the sites (But PS there will be some posts up about my travels soon).

I returned home at the end of last week and was visited by a friend from Australia on Saturday. She only had exactly 24 hours to fit in as much of Copenhagen as possible! I was a bit worried at first. I am still a relative newbie and haven’t explored as much of this gorgeous city as I would like on my own. But, when my friend left again on Sunday afternoon, she said she had a great time and felt as if she had seen most of what she wanted to in such a short space of time.

If you have a friend visiting and need a speedy itinerary to show off the best parts of Copenhagen, here’s a little look into what we did that day.

1. Kate arrives at 1pm

My friend, Kate, arrived in Frederiksberg at around 1pm from London. She had caught an early flight and we hadn’t had lunch yet, so that was a very obvious choice for our first activity – food!

Now I’m sure that everyone knows about our go-to for a weekend meal – Papir øen! We absolutely love this place. The food is always so good and the best part is that you don’t even have to decide what type of cuisine you’re after because everything is there. Its such a shame that is due to close down in just a few short months and I know that Kate was happy to experience it while it was still there.


2. Walk to Nyhavn, Amalienborg Palace and the Little Mermaid

These are some very typical tourist-ridden places, but for someone who has never been to Copenhagen before Nyhavn, Amalienborg Palace and the Little Mermaid are high on the must see list.

Even though it wasn’t the nicest of days weather wise, it was still such a nice walk to have around the water ways. The sites are relatively close to one another and there is always the added bonus of seeing other cool cafés and boutiques along the way. We even had a little play around in the autumn leaves that have started falling – a novelty for us Queenslanders because we don’t usually get to see such a stark change in seasons!


3. Night in Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli is beautiful at any time of the day and in any season. But my personal favourite thing about Tivoli is the gardens when they are lit up at nighttime. It was extra special this time that we went, because the gardens were decorated for Halloween! Something that I hadn’t even had a chance to see before. That was definitely a highlight for me for the weekend.

We walked around, played a few of the old fashioned games and watched the lightshow put on by Tivoli in one of the fountains. It was such a nice evening – a great way to spend a Saturday night if you aren’t so keen on going out to drink! We had to conserve all the energy we could so that we could jam pack as much as possible into the next day too.

4. Next Day – Bike riding!

Our original plan for the weekend consisted of us showing Kate all the sights from a Copenhagen biking perspective to give her a feel of what it felt like to be a true dane in this wonderful city. Unfortunately, the weather on the Saturday had been less than ideal for riding around all day, so we opted to take the Metro/walk instead.

Luckily, Sunday was much more accommodating for us. We rented Kate one of the orange ‘donkey bikes’ that you see parked all over Copenhagen. It costs only 100kr to rent for the entire day (24 hours exactly) and we thought that was a pretty good deal seeing as we were going to use it all day, and it definitely would have cost us more if we wanted to go by Metro. I was seriously impressed with this service. You can easily rent the bike just by using an app on your phone and you even control the lock and everything from that one app! Most convenient way to rent a bike if you ask me.


5. Brunch at the Union Kitchen

Marc and I are creatures of habit (sorry, I know that’s probably a bit boring for someone writing a blog – but I’m trying to branch out!) but we LOVE going to the Union Kitchen in Nyhavn for breakfast.

The food is always soooo good, and it’s no secret that my absolute favourite part is being greeted by a sassy message in my coffee. Pro tip: get there early! You can book tables at this place, but you shouldn’t need to if you get there early enough in the day. It can get quite busy but the food is worth it.

FullSizeRender 2

6. Rosenborg Castle and King’s Gardens

This is one of the best spots for tourists to visit in the centre of Copenhagen. I love the King’s gardens because they are always so well kept and the atmosphere is great on a nice day. They were also quite close to our breakfast spot, so it was a smooth transition for the running of the day.

Inside Rosenborg Castle you can see the crown jewels of Denmark. Marc and I went to see them the first time I came to Copenhagen back in 2015and I really did enjoy myself then. But you do have to pay for a ticket to enter the Castle and unless you have a dying desire to see the jewels I wouldn’t bother going in – there are much cooler castles to see in Denmark if that is your thing. My personal opinion though is once you’ve seen a massive Castle – like Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød – you’ve seen them all. So we didn’t go inside with Kate that day.

7. The Round Tower

The last stop on our tour of Copenhagen was the Round Tower in the centre of Copenhagen city. This is no doubt one of the best vantage points that you can visit in the city to get a bird’s eye view of the architecture and out to the harbour. You can easily identify each of the neighbourhoods as there are signs displaying each major landmark at the top and it’s cool to get a sense of where you’ve been as a tourist. The tickets for entry are super cheap: around 25kr per person so I think it’s money well spent.

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 09.24.18

And sadly that was the end of our day! Kate’s flight left at around 3pm, so we only really had the morning on Sunday, but we still managed to do quite a bit in such a short space of time. What do you think about our itinerary? Is there anything else we should have done? Leave a comment with any suggestions!

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