Cure to the Acai craving: Bowl Market, Copenhagen

I feel like the Gold Coast is the unofficial home of the acai bowl. They are everywheeeereeeeee. Literally everywhere. It’s hard to find a cute cafe that doesn’t offer some sort of take on this delicious breakfast/brunch/lunch/anytime of the day treat.

It’s part and parcel of the fact that our summers, and even winters for that matter, are so hot – so what better way to cool down than to eat a blended bowl of berry goodness. When we lived on the GC, Marc and I had an acai bowl at least once a week. It was a ritual that was SO hard to shake when we got to Copenhagen.

First of all, there aren’t as many places that open specifically for breakfast other than bakeries and an acai bowl isn’t really in keeping with the other foods available at a bakery. Second, it’s COOLLDDDD here most of the time. I arrived in Copenhagen in ‘summer’ and it was still colder than it was when we left Australia in winter. So I suppose that means more people are looking for a hot brew or pastry to heat them from the inside out rather than an ice cold smoothie bowl. But no matter how hard I tried, my taste buds just couldn’t be swayed by the weather. I wanted, nay NEEDED, to cure my craving by the time I had been here for 2 months – so I went on a quest.

Low and behold after a quick google search I found this little gem of a cafe right here in the centre of Copenhagen – the Bowl Market! They specialise in creating food that is specifically eaten out of a bowl, and this means ACAI! But they’ve also done something really clever. To accommodate the cold, they also create delicious oatmeal bowls which you can even tailor to your own taste buds. Well, to be honest I’m imagining that they’re delicious, because the last couple of times I’ve been I haven’t been able to go past the acai.

I also really like the aesthetic of the cafe. The decorations, the music and the set up make it feel really cosy and comforting. The staff are so friendly and to top everything else off, they make an Aussie-grade coffee (and for any of you other coffee snobs out there, you know how hard this is to find in Europe!)

If you live in Copenhagen, do yourself a favour and visit this gorgeous cafe – you won’t be disappointed!

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