Danish Gift Guide: Present Ideas to take Home

I love bringing back gifts for my loved ones that are special to the places that I have travelled. Not only does this mean that your gift will be unique, but quite often it comes with a story. It gives you a chance to tell them about where you bought it, why it is significant in that country and maybe even a few funny anecdotes/stories of your own. I’m not talking about little trinkets from your standard tourist shop, like keychains and big ‘I HEART NY’ t-shirts, but perhaps something with a little more meaning. Here are a few things that I would bring back to my family from Copenhagen.


Lakrids by Johan Bülow is a gourmet liquorice production company. The Danes certinaly love their liquorice, and this is a great way to give the folks back home a little taste of Denmark. And if you’re not a massive liquorice lover, you might actually still enjoy this delicious treat – because most are covered in different types of chocolate!


Royal Copenhagen

If you’ve spent anytime in Denmark chances are you’ve heard of Royal Copenhagen. This beautiful line of cups and assorted crockery are the crown jewel of Danish design, and its difficult to find a Danish household without SOMETHING from Royal Copenhagen in their cupboards. While it can be a little pricey, its surely something that your givee will enjoy.


The Little Book of Hygge

You can tell from just the title of this blog that I love all things Hygge. This little book will help your friends and family understand a bit of the Danish culture, as well as highlight some of the best parts of the concept of Hygge. I always see this book on stands when going through Copenhagen airport, so it’s even ok to pick up as a last minute gift.


Menu Teapot

I own this teapot and I absolutely love it! If your givee loves warming up with a hot brew, this gift is perfect for them. I have never seen a more practical design for a teapot, plus it looks very sleek and modern too. You can even buy a little heater that matches which only requires a small tea candle to keep the contents warm.


Tromborg Cosmedics

Marianne Tromborg has created a make-up and beauty line that is arguably scandinavia’s most recognised brand. I hadn’t heard about Tromborg before arriving in Denmark, but the philosphy is based around the mantra that make-up must be easy and manageable to look good – in no time. Anything from this brand would do well as a present for your mother or sister.


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