The new ‘Paper Island:’ review of the Reffen in Refshaleøen

Hiiiiiiii friends!

OK, so I’m sorry for completely neglecting my blog recently (*cough* the last couple of months *cough*). The truth is I don’t have a good excuse for being so inactive. I could blame it on the fact that I’ve been travelling a fair bit, started a new job, catching up with and meeting new friends, and so on and so on. But none of that isn’t a good reason to stop writing – if anything it is a reason to be writing MORE! So I’m making a move to write a few more articles in the coming days about what I’ve been up to. I hope you come along for the ride 🙂

To start off with, I feel like I just need to talk about the amazing experience I had recently at the new ‘Paper Island’ in Copenhagen. Any local would know that one of the most beloved spots to go for a drink or a simple, casual dining experience in Copenhagen for the last 5 years was Papirøen (which translates in English to ‘The Paper Island’). But the devastating news was handed down last year that this go-to place was going to be stripped down to make way for new, trendy apartments.

Albeit, the Paper Island was situated on some of the best real estate in Copenhagen. Right across the harbour from Nyhavn, it perhaps wasn’t the most profitable location for a street-food market made out of old shipping containers.

I’m here today to say – never fear Copenhagen-ites! Your prayers for a new (maybe better?) Paper Island have been answered! Based on the exact same model as the original, the new Reffen has opened up on Refshaleøen just in time for summer. Rightly dubbed ‘Copenhagen Street Food,’ the new Reffen actually has a lot of the same vendors from Papierøen, just in a different location. The set up is no longer inside of on old shipping warehouse, but entirely outside, with each vendor occupying a single stand.

I am a huge fan of this new outside setting. The day that we visited was one of the best summer days of the year; even better than practically ALL of the summer days last year. So it was an incredible experience to be able to walk all around the stores, looking at all the amazing food the vendors were preparing, all while enjoying some vitamin D. Once we chose what we wanted to eat and drink, we were able to take the food down to the edge of the water and sit on deck chairs as we watched the boats go by. It was the PERFECT setting for the day and so I’m convinced it will become a favourite once again.

But, this post was meant to be about giving an honest review – so I feel like I have to mention some potential downsides. Firstly, Reffen is a good 10 minute bike ride from the old spot next to Nyhavn. While you might be like ’10 minutes… pffft, that’s nothing!’ 10 minutes on a bike is more like 30 minutes walking, so you can’t as easily sporadically decide to visit. You have to commit if you’re on foot. The other rather obvious downside is that the new place is limited by weather in ways that the old shipping warehouse wasn’t. If its a rainy, windy day you’d probably opt to go elsewhere.

Enough with the negatives! Over all, I loved my time there and will definitely be making my way back there soon.

Until next time my loves (which will be soon, I promise!)

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