Restaurant Review: P2 by Malbeck – Nørrebro, Copenhagen

This week Marc and I had the pleasure of visiting P2 by Malbeck in Nørrebro for a very delicious meal. Although known mostly as an Argentinian wine bar, this cosy place was part of the ‘French Dining Week’ in Copenhagen to which we had bought tickets a couple of weeks ago. Needless to say, we were utterly impressed by the quality of food, wine and service at this place and are already planning another trip back to try more dishes and wines. Keep reading to find out some more about our experience!



I am a sucker for all things that are aesthetically pleasing, and so I was instantly impressed when we first walked into P2 and saw the interior decorating. Everything was RIGHT up my alley: an oversized and audatious plant sitting in the centre of the room, true-gold light fixtures hanging from the ceiling and wooden panels covering the walls. There are even sections of exposed brick that add just a touch of a rustic feel in places. This colour palette is exactly how I am redecorating one of the rooms in our apartment and so for me, it felt just like home.

Our table was already set when we arrived together with a copy of the menu for the night. This was a nice touch because we could follow the order of the entire meal as each course was brought to the table. Within minutes, our delightful waiter was at our table with the first element – a gin and tonic aperitif and the staple bread and butter. Gin and tonic is always my drink of choice and so this was a perfect, fresh starter for the meal.


When I first read the description for the starter, I’ll admit I was a little sceptical. I had never tried anything like a basil sorbet before, nevermind having anything freezing cold as a part of a salad. But, the whole point of signing up for a dinner like this is to try something new and out of your comfort zone. We were definitely not disappointed.

Although it was quite strong, the basil sorbet was the perfect off-set to the tomato taste from both the grilled cherry tomatoes and the tomato puree. It was just like eating an italian caprese salad, only better! Marc pretty much eats caprese salad every day, so this part was a real highlight for him. He even said, if everything else turns out to be terrible, that won’t even matter because this starter was THAT GOOD! His plate was so clean, I swear the restaurant could have just used it again (although they would never do that!)



As we had booked  a table for a Sunday night, we decided not to order the wine pairing. As extremely small people, we are lightweights to begin with and we didn’t want to drink too much before going to work the next morning. Instead, we opted to order just one glass of wine that we really wanted to go with the main dish. This actually turned out to be quite a hard decision, as there were so many wines we liked the sound of (probably becuase of the wine bar aspect of this place). In the end we chose an oaky-flavoured pinot noir from Dmaine Ballorin, France. We really really enjoyed it, as it reminded us of our favourite ‘Brazin’ red from California (although I’m no wine expert, I would recommend giving it a go!)

Our main dish was Steak Bavette with a green pea mousse and, my favoutite, a potato and truffle croquette. Well… let’s just say that this time I was the one with the plate that was wiped clean! I adore everything truffle, and while the croquette had enough of a distinct flavour, it wasn’t too overbearing to take away from the rest of the dish. The meat was perfectly cooked in my view, and you could tell that it was a nice cut seeing as I didn’t get that game-y feeling that I have often find with danish meals. Best of all – there was an ever so slight hint of bacon in the mousse – and who doesn’t love bacon!



I’m not usually a huge dessert fan. Don’t get me wrong, I looooooveeeee sweets and have the biggest sweet tooth ever – just ask my boyfrined! But sometimes I don’t really feel like having something sweet just after finishing a glass of wine.

But I was extremely excited for this dessert for more than one reason – actually it was three! It had three ‘main events’ as I like to call them: a piece of rubarb cake, lemon pannacotta and passionfruit sorbet. To top it all off, the chef had added a few pieces of white chocolate and the most delicious elderflower syrup. It probably took a grand total of 30 seconds for me to devour this entire dish!


Final Thoughts

Like I said at the start, its very likely that we will be returning to P2 very soon! I love trying out new places, so here’s hoping I can find even more gems like this in Copenhagen soon!

What do you guys think? Does this sound like a place you’d like to try out for your next date night? Let me know in the comments!

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