Best places to Brunch in Copenhagen

Hiiiiiii!  I am starting to think its no coincidence that my most populated page is my ‘food’ category… I am obsessed with eating out and trying new and exciting danish foods (and TBH, my waistline has not thanked me for it since moving). But, the way to my heart is definitely through my stomach, and so the amazing food options here are bound to have played a role in my ever increasing love for this city.

One of the most popular weekend activities here is to go out for a delicious brunch. And I do actually mean brunch – there is no such things as going out for breakfast here as there is in Aus. Most cafes don’t actually open until ‘brunch’ time of between 9.30 – 10am, but there are a  few that open a little earlier to get the early bird revenue (i.e. from me!) I’ve sampled quite a few of the most popular spots already, and generally they have all been worth the hype. So, if you’re coming into copenhagen for a little time or a long time, here are my picks for a couple that you MUST hit up, plus a few extra that I have been wanting to try out (I’ll try to update this post as I try them out!)

1. Souls (Østerbro and Nørrebro)

If you take a look at Souls’ instagram page (@soulscph), its obvious why this place is always completely packed to the brim – in both locations! 100% vegan, souls is a great place to eat a healthy and delicious brekky before you start your weekend plans. An added bonus is the fact that the food comes so beautifully presented that your instagram game will be on-point!

2. Bowl Market, Copenhagen (Vesterbro)

So I’ve already done a whole blog post on how much I love Bowl Market, so its no surprise that it also ends up on this list too. Specialising in all breakfast foods that can be easily served in a bowl. that is porridge and acai bowls, bowl market has such a nice chill vibe. Our favourite part is that you have options for any occassion – porridge for a cold winter’s morning or acai for a sunny summer day.


3. Mad and Kaffe (Vesterbro and Frederiksberg)

Mad and Kaffe is a definite copenhagen favourite. Not only does this cute cafe serve the most delicious food, they have a special menu style where you can have a 3, 5 or 7 ‘part’ meal, and you get to chose which menu items you want! All gorgeously assembled on a tasting plate, this is another one for the ‘gram. I mean – just take a look at the cute pics!


Places on the list to visit:

  1. Granola, Frederiksberg
  2. Sidecar, Nørrebro
  3. Yolk, Frederiksberg

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