Restaurant Review: ‘Silo’, Nordhavn

One of the most recognisable aspects of the architectural landscape here in Copenhagen, is that very very very few buildings or towers are built above a five-story level. This is actually due to a number of regulations that dictate that you MUST recieve a special permission to build any higher, and that permission is only granted in either extremely special circumstances, or if you are renovating something taller that already existed.

Meet Norhavn. Perfectly situated along Zealand’s eastern coastline, Nordhavn is home to a number of newly built architectural wonders. From the masses of brand new apartment buildings, to the harbour-side walks absolutely packed with Copenhagen sunbathers in the summer time, its no wonder why Norhavn is quickly becoming a favourite place to hang out amongst locals. But, even more amazingly, its one of the only places in the entire city with apartment buildings that tower over the five-story height restriction – giving you picture perfect views of the entire city 360 degrees around you.

Now you might be thinking, why are you telling me how great it is for those lucky few people who get to live in those uber expensive top floor apartments? Well, that’s because there is a great way for everyone to experience this marvel for yourself too – by visting Restaurant Silo!

Silo is actually the name of the building that houses the Restaurant, so while it may not have an ingenious name in that sense, the reason that this building is capable of surpassing the height restriction is due to the fact that it is esentially a repurposed silo. The Restaurant itself sits on the top level of the building, therefore providing its patrons with spectacular birds-eye views. If you ask me, this makes it an absolutely perfect location for a summer-time dinner with friends or family, as you can watch the sun go down over the harbour while you eat delicious food!


Top it off with a fabulous wine menu – what more could you ask for! Below I’ve included some pics of our food 🙂 (full disclosure, I don’t have a picture of dessert becuase I got too excited and ate it before I had a chance to take a pic!)

1. Starter – Soup with tomato and basil


2. Entree – Chicken 

3. Main – Beef

I hope I’ve convinced you to visit the Silo! If you’re keen to find out more or book a table, have a look at their website here: –

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