Hi there! I’m Vanessa. I am a twenty-three year old Aussie gal living in Copenhagen, Denmark. This blog is a collection of my favourite stories, ideas and observations about living and working in the happiest country on Earth.

So, what the heck is ‘hygge’? Strangely enough, there is no closer direct translation from Danish to English than the word ‘cosiness.’ Hygge isn’t an adjective, noun or curse-word, but a feeling (much the same as happy, sad or angry). In essence, hygge means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. For example, the warmth of candle-light, being with friends and family, discussing the small or important things in life with the people you love.

What are you going to read about? Coming from the extremely hot and sunny beaches of the Gold Coast, Australia I have never truly experience the nordic lifestyle. This blog has posts relating to my Danish experiences in Copenhagen, as well as more focussed articles on how you may be able to bring a little bit of ‘hygge’ into your own life too. Plus a few articles about my favourite food and travel experiences too.

I hope you enjoy my little bit of hygge!

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