3 great ways to achieve Danish ‘hygge’ (cosiness) in your home

The danish people are known as being some of the happiest people on earth. Question is: what is it about the danish lifestyle that makes them so happy?

Is it…

the brilliant work-life balance?

the neat aesthetics of danish design?

the exercised induced endorphins from bike riding?

(one things for sure – it isn’t the glorious weather).

or perhaps it is something even simpler than that: hygge. While there is no direct translation into English, the closest thing we have to describe hygge is ‘cosiness.’ It isn’t a tactile object or a describing word, but a feeling. Hygge is what you feel when you’re snuggled up in bed with tea and a good book, or the being surrounded by good friends and food. It is enjoying the simple things in life which can bring you so much joy even when you’re in solitude or when it is grey outside.

While I’ve only been here a short while, here are a few things that can help you bring a little bit of hygge to your daily life.

Aesthetic Decorations

Bringing a little bit of life into your home can easily create the ‘hygge’ feeling. The danes love simple yet beautiful pieces that add colour and character to a home. We’ve only just properly moved into our apartment but even I have taken a leaf out of the Danes book (pun not intended) and decided to put this cute plant in the windowsil. For me, this picture speaks ultimate comfort and I would love nothing more than to spend all of my time here.

Bake something you want to eat

Like I said before, hygge is as much about enjoying the simple things in life as anything else. While the Danes enjoy being healthy and exercising (you should just see the amount of being running around the park), a part of hygge is enjoying good food with good friends and family. Although it may not be recommended by health professionals, its no doubt that when you’re feeling down (or even when you’re not) there’s nothing better than devouring a delicious treat for a hit of endorphins. My vice? A delicious cupcake!

Scented Candles

Hygge is a feeling. So what better way to get on the road to hygge but to set the mood a little? I wholeheartedly believe that lighting a couple of scented candles around your home, apartment or even the particular room you are in is the best way to get into the hygge spirit. The soothing scent and the flickering give you a heart sinking warm and fuzzy feeling like nothing else.

Want to make it even better? Maybe try drawing a bubble bath WITH the scented candles. Even drop in a few rose petals to make it that bit more romantic.

Good luck with your hygge-ing!

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