How to chose the best CPH bike for you

If you’ve ever overheard someone talking about Copenhagen, there’s no doubt in my mind that they would have mentioned the enormous number of bikes that consume the city.

It is by far the preferred method of transportation. Being a city that was developed by King Christian the Fourth in the early 17th Century, the streets weren’t specifically built to accommodate cars. The infrastructure and 21st Century capabilities are abundant, but the tiny cobble-stone paths and winding roads definitely make biking easier than going by car.

If you’re thinking of moving into this gorgeous city, chances are that you too will be taken by the convenience of bike riding. There are specific bike-designated paths that are away from both cars and pedestrians, making the routes incredibly fast virtually hassle-free. You can take your bike with you on the trains and the metro. Plus there is the added benefit of biking being an extremely healthy way to get around.

Naturally, this means that you will have to acquire a bike in order to take advantage of all of these positive aspects of biking. So – what type of bike is best for you? Here are a couple of examples and suggestions depending on what you want to get out of it.

1. The classic ladies bike


I’ve been a bit biased here… this is a picture of me and my beloved bike Ruby. Ruby is extremely comfortable to ride with a spacious leather seat and high handle bars. The ladies bikes are also designed with a low middle-bar so that girls don’t have to worry about climbing onto the bike when wearing a skirt.

She also has a basket on the front (very convenient for carrying your handbag, shopping or any other items you may need throughout the day) with the capability to put another basket on the back should you need the extra space.

Downsides? This isn’t a very cheap bike. It cost a total of 3,900 DKK (approximately $800 AUD) with everything included (i.e. the bike, the lock and the basket).

2. Speed-bike


If you’re anything like my boyfriend Marc, your interest in a bike purely comes down to the fact that it can get you anywhere you want within the city REALLY fast.

While my little Ruby is gorgeous and very comfortable, she is not very fast because she is a heaaaavvvyyyy girl. On the other hand, you can get very streamline bikes that are purely built for speed.

Take this Centurion bike below for example. It is very light-weight and skinny, meaning that the frame can cut through the air much easier than any classic ladies bike = much more aerodynamic.

Downsides? Anything that you want to carry with you on the bike will need to go on your back or in your pockets (as there is no other storage space) and again, these types of bikes are are little more on the expensive side.

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