The Game Plan

They say that goals are just dreams until you add a clear plan, hard work and persistence.

So here, in a very public forum, are my goals. Both personal and professional, short term and long term.

The Plan

Publish my novel

Hold a conversation in danish with a stranger


Publish 3 content items on my blog per week

Work on business development


Bucket List

See sunrise over Macchu Piccu, Peru.

Look down on Geirangerfjord, Norway.

Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.

Swim in the clear waters of Bora Bora.

Go for a balloon ride over Cappadocia, Turkey.

Hike the Picos Mountains, Spain.

Have a pint of beer in Munich, Germany.

Road trip along the Great Ocean Road, Australia.

See the northern lights in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Eat a croissant in view of the Eiffel Tower, Paris.

Cycle around Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Paddle around Lake Louise, Canada.

Hike to Everest Base Camp, Kathmandu.

Stand on the top of Table Mountain, Cape Town.

Eat sushi in the middle of Tokyo, Japan.

Visit Cinderella’s Castle in Fantasyland, Disney, Florida.

Kayak around glaciers in Antarctica.

Visit the Colosseum, Rome, Italy.

Swim in the infinity pool at Hotel Villa Honegg, Switzerland.

Boat ride around Lake Como, Italy.

Go for a camel ride around the Pyramids, Egypt.

Eat a chip sandwich in an English pub, England.

See a sunset over Santorini, Greece.

Go on safari through the Serengeti, Africa.

See sunset over Uluru, Central Australia.

Road Trip through Central America (New York to LA).

Walk along the Great Wall of China, China.

Visit the crown jewels at Buckingham Palace, England.

Look to Neuwachstein castle, Germany.

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